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Did you get an Outlook not responding issue? Is Outlook stuck on a screen that commonly says "Processing"? Or does Outlook hang, crash, freeze, or stop working when you're opening a document or sending an email message? Microsoft Outlook App Crashes?

There are a number of probable reasons for Outlook to behave this way. We've presented the possible solutions troubleshoot outlook crashes in order from quickest to most time consuming.

To troubleshoot outlook crashes, follow these steps.

Step 1: Consider possible error with add-ins

  • 1.Exit Outlook.
  • 2.Open a Run dialog box. To do this, use one of the following methods, as useful to your version of Windows:
  • If you're running Windows 10, Windows 8.1, or Windows 8, press the Windows key + R.
  • If you're running Windows 7, click Start, type Run in the search box, and then click Run.
  • 3.Type Outlook /safe, and then click OK.
  • 4.If the error is fixed, on the File menu, click Options, and then click Add-Ins
  • 5.Select COM Add-ins, and then click Go.
  • 6.Click to clear all the check boxes in the list, and then click OK.
  • 7.Restart Outlook. If the error doesn't occur, start adding the add-ins one at a time until the error exists.

Step 2: Run Outlook Diagnostics

  • 1.Open Control Panel, and then click Uninstall a program.
  • 2.In the list of installed programs, right-click the entry for your Office configuration, and then click Repair.

Step 3: Create a new Outlook profile

  • 1.Open Control Panel, and then click Mail.
  • 2.Click Show Profiles
  • 3.Select the profile that you want to delete, and then click delete. Important deleting the profile will also delete combined data files. If you're not assured whether the data files are backed up or stored on a server, do not delete the profile.
  • 4.Click Add.
  • 5.In the Profile Name box, type a name for the profile.
  • 6.Define the user name, the primary SMTP address, and the password. Then, click Next.
  • 7.You may receive the following message:
  • Allow this website to configure abc@domain server settings?

    In this message, click to choose the Don't ask me about this website again check box, and then click Allow.

  • 8.When you're prompted, enter your logon credentials, and then click OK
  • 9.When set up is finished, click Finish.


Microsoft Outlook Technical Support Number1-800-293-9401.

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